December 8, 2007

futsal with brains :D


erm..bout 3 hours ago i played futsal wit my frens..old frens from mrsm pdrm..its been a long time since the last time i meet them..ada yg dah 5-6 years x jupa..hehe..thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet them today :D not syg yg comel always accompany me wherever i go :p thx syg :D although u looked mcm tired still mampu trsenyum :) thx ya :)

n during dat time..byk gak la soklan yg kami berdua kena jawab..mcm2 jenis..n ada gak kutukan2..adeh..nvm lah..gurauan di malam hari..hehe

klah..smakin letih..til then..bye~

fun at last!


7 december 2007 was the day dat i should remember in my entire life..guess wat happened to me on dat day?..haha..its not dat i meet my idols or smthing like dat..but on dat day i meet bakal mak mentua face to face :D erk..overconfident plak..insyaAllah..doakanlah :D amin..

things started not really well at first..ntahla..mybe im nervous kot..yalah..first time meet her face to face..before dis i just heard stories bout her ja :p but then i managed to fit in with da situation :p but with the help of a friend of mine lah..haha..dia pun ada skali masa tuh..x gugup sgt :D..actually i went there to pick up my cute lil princess for futsal :p tp kena masuk dulu utk minum skjap..hehe..sempat lah brbual ngn mama syg bbrapa patah perkataan :p adeh..she's nice tp cm garang skit..takutlah..haha

then we played futsal..a lil bit tired actually..but bila syg ada disisi..suma cm ilang ja..haha..i asked syg to play futsal wit me as a first dia malu sgt..but then after dipujuk..dia men lah..seriously i think syg is a good player..cuma malu sgt masa men tuh..nway syg..the way u stop the ball impressed me lah :p cm dah terer..hehe

then after futsal we went to eat smthing yg mengenyangkn i guess(skjap ja kenyang..haha)..piza yg menjadi dat time ada some of my classmates n my syg :D..menarik gak idea mkn2 tuh..byk gak perkara menarik brlaku masa tuh :p

erm..klah..tiba2 trasa keletihan..till next time..da!

December 6, 2007



wat happened to me?..oh God..i cant sleep :( tomorrow is the last day of final xm week..n tomorrow also i'll sit for one of the toughest paper in final xm..shoooot!..i dun hv any idea y i cant sleep..did i eat smthing yg watkan xleh tdo?..erm..let me i guess..sumanya yg sihat2 belaka aku makan..duhhh..or is it bcoz im just too excited dat tomorrow is the last day?..erm..mybe lah..bcoz i can meet my other half n jalan2..its been a long time since our last meet..hehe..dun remember when..4 days ago i guess :( penantian satu penyiksaan kan? haha..x apa..its worth the wait :p

the next big thing also will happen tomorrow..guess other half will join us(my fren n i) for futsal tomorrow :D cant wait..she needs to prove me dat her skills as good as cantona :p hehe..x kisah pun sbnarnya..u come n see me play futsal pun dh cukup baik..but if u can play wit me..dats a big2 bonus for me :D eyes dah start nak mengantuk..i guess i need to stop here..pray for me ya kwn2 :)
till then..bye~