December 6, 2007



wat happened to me?..oh God..i cant sleep :( tomorrow is the last day of final xm week..n tomorrow also i'll sit for one of the toughest paper in final xm..shoooot!..i dun hv any idea y i cant sleep..did i eat smthing yg watkan xleh tdo?..erm..let me i guess..sumanya yg sihat2 belaka aku makan..duhhh..or is it bcoz im just too excited dat tomorrow is the last day?..erm..mybe lah..bcoz i can meet my other half n jalan2..its been a long time since our last meet..hehe..dun remember when..4 days ago i guess :( penantian satu penyiksaan kan? haha..x apa..its worth the wait :p

the next big thing also will happen tomorrow..guess other half will join us(my fren n i) for futsal tomorrow :D cant wait..she needs to prove me dat her skills as good as cantona :p hehe..x kisah pun sbnarnya..u come n see me play futsal pun dh cukup baik..but if u can play wit me..dats a big2 bonus for me :D eyes dah start nak mengantuk..i guess i need to stop here..pray for me ya kwn2 :)
till then..bye~


Hannanika Chan said...

ala..sian. i noe y couldn't sleep. smlm tak gayut ;p
btw, i am coming for futsal but b pls dun expect me to be as good as cantona! i nvr am! i'll just be there to see u k? well, i miss you so much!

K0_E said...

toughest paper? for real? tgk cam sumer kuar awal je td.. hahahah...
toughest la sgt...