November 29, 2007

hey peeps!


so dis is my first b not really into dis thing..i mean writing a not really good when it comes to write bad :( but i'll try my best to make all of u understand..heh

before dis..i just luv to read others' blog..i dunno why..i think i can feel or learn something from their experiences :) but bear in mind dat not all of them write about their experiences..smtimes they express their feelings n also smtimes they talk about craps which is quite entertaining :)
yaya..dat depends on the owner of the blogs rite?..haha

actually i plan to write dis when i got some inspiration from my other half - nurul hanani..she's the one who responsible to bring me here..hoho..thx syg :) without u im still afraid to write in english lah :p nway syg..if u read dis..dont gelak at my english ok?..haha

oklah..i think dats all for now..till we meet again..da!


Hannanika Chan said...

huhu..akhirnya my baby is a blogger ;p b, i did not gelak at ur english ok? it is quite good actually. adjustment sket je. hey, y don't u email me the draft of ur blog, then i can be editor (check grammar n stuff). ok tak? btw, i love this post! takpun kasi je i pass, so i can edit ;p hehe (not manipulator ok?) mmmwah. syg b!

weirdo said...

welcome, mat zaini! AHAKZZ