January 11, 2008



hey peeps! finally im back..after a long rest, now its time to get serious..well..seriously i had a great holiday..many things i did and i experienced during the holiday..almost all time i spend by watching and laughing wit my family..shared stories..visited our relatives and many more..thank God for giving me dis opportunity and giving me the air to breath until now..alhamdulillah :D but unfortunately..despite all the happiness dat i've been through..my holiday never complete when nurul hanani isn't around me :( i miss u so much syg :(

well..tomorrow i'll go back to gmi..for those who dunno wat gmi is..gmi is actually stand for german malaysian institute..it's formed after a joint venture between government of malaysia n germany..ok..enuff bout gmi :p..next sem is my fourth sem in gmi..well..still a long way to go :(..i just cant wait to find a job..duhh..frankly speaking..im a lil bit jealous when my fren told me dat they already got a job..dun get me wrong..its not dat i dun like or not happy wit them..but its just im sad dat im not like them..huh..truk kan?..adoi..

erm..nvm lah..mybe rezekiku utk bekerja lmbt skit..huhu..its better late than never kan?..well..apa2 pun..i must excel in studies first n then br bleh pikir pasal keja..n then bout marriage n so on..hehe..erm..oklah..dats all i guess..tomorrow is my last day in kuala nerang..i dunno when i'll be back here again..huh..im gonna miss my family n dis lovely town for sure :- bye2 kuala nerang..dun cry for me ya!


Hannanika Chan said...

:) i really love reading this :P

lehrerin said...

i really love reading this too~~~ hehehe

xde lah..saje je..

ala mat..rilek!! satgi hg keja sure gempak! hg kawen ngn nani kat RESTORAN BERPUTAR tau!! hahaha..